Participant Education & Communication

Participant EducationThe most important service your participants are seeking is specific advice that will help them achieve financial independence and the confidence that they will be able to retire comfortably.

Unlike many advisors, we offer the specific services and provide the advice your participants are demanding, and can provide these services in manner that they will be comfortable.

Annual Group / Education Meetings (frequency determined by the client)
Tailored communication program and materials based on the goals established by the trustees, fiduciaries and investment committee.

Individual Meetings (frequency determined by the client)
Periodic individual participant meetings (typically once per year) covering all aspects of financial planning, asset allocations, retirement sufficiency and any other financial related topics.

Professional Asset Allocation, Retirement Sufficiency Analyses, Monte Carlo Simulations and Historical Backtesting utilizing state of art planning software.

Custom Communications
We will provide custom communication pieces to your participants based on annual planning themes that include quarterly posters, payroll stuffers, email communication pieces and other methods the plan sponsors feel are appropriate. These educational materials are participant driven and always informational and never offered in an attempt to sell something to the participants. Everything we offer / present is always in the participants best interest and is education / informative.